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Accessible solutions for marine environments
Access Marine Design & Fabrication is your source for marine accessibility, innovation, and design. Our goal is to increase accessibility to waterways and marine activities for individuals with disabilities.We identify, modify, design, and fabricate devices and products for the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. This is an on-going process. Several of our successful products and solutions (as well as a few ongoing ones) are featured on this page.

If you strive for independence, or desire greater access to a given area, sport, or type of transportation, then we may be able to assist you in designing and creating a solution. We are not magicians, but we do have a design and fabrication team who are willing to address your desires. We have a passion for the outdoors, and particularly the water and boats. Let us help you to get out there!

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Gaining access to boats and the marine environment should not be a daunting task. While certainly there can be challenges, and some areas that it may just not make good sense to even try to access, but we approach access more as a state of mind. That is not to deny physical barriers, but we prefer to look at them as challenges. We have extensive background in marine fabrication and accessibility projects. From ramps, to controls, to lifts, Access Marine Design & Fabrication is your fabrication specialists. Weather it is a dock, hoist, swim step, or an entire marina or other facility we can assist you in creating accessibility.

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Access Marine Design & Fabrication has over 25 years in the marine and general construction fields. Add to that working with disabled access since 1983 and you have a long and successful history of design, fabrication, and implementation.

The pictures below show a quadriplegic hoisting himself out of his wheelchair and onto the boat unassisted. He points out that it is certainly quicker and easier with other peoples' help, but it can be done indepedently if rigged properly. Another consideration is that even with other people present, the hoist does all of the lifting and positioning safely and securely.

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The pictures below show a quadriplegic hoisting himself with his wheelchair and onto the boat unassisted.


The pictures below show a quadriplegic hoisting himself out of the boat in preparation to enter the water. Note the 360 degree swing of the hoist to lift on and off of docks, into and out of the water, sandbar, beach, or other vessels. Upon closer inspection you will see that the jib arm is telescoping, and can be locked into different lengths.  This can provide for higher lifting, or specific to this hoist/boat combination, whether to be placed into the helm seat without a wheelchair, or onto the deck of the boat in a wheelchair.

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The Grabber wheelchair stabilizer (shown below) has been developed to allow transfers to-and-from a wheelchair in a very secure and stable manner. If you have spent any amount of time around wheelchairs you are no doubt aware of how wheel locks or brakes can become out of adjustment, allowing a wheelchair to roll, at an often inopportune time and place.


Even with the best of wheel locks, a wheelchair can still be bumped or move during a transfer. The result of this can be inconvenient at best, and can result in tragic consequences. The Wheelchair Stabilizer eliminates this problem by securely anchoring the wheelchair to the location to be transferred to or from, or even just to keep the wheelchair stationary in a moving* location such as a boat. (*this item has not been tested or rated by DOT)

If you or someone you know have a need to secure a wheelchair during transfers or activities the Grabber wheelchair stabilizer is for you! The Grabber wheelchair stabilizer can be permanently attached to furnishings, vehicles, vessels and docks, or easily removed with the use of receivers. One Grabber wheelchair stabilizer can be used in a variety of locations with custom adapters.

The universal design of the Grabber wheelchair stabilizer fits most wheelchairs, from child to adult. Wheel locks or brakes can slip, with the Grabber wheelchair stabilizer the wheelchair remains securely in place.

The non-binding, spring-loaded design, allows for effortless entry and locking of the wheelchair frame. A light pull on the release plunger and the spring-loaded lock releases the wheelchair frame. With the use of a lanyard, no finger or hand function is necessary.

Our Grabber wheelchair stabilizer has been designed to hold a wheelchair in place during transfers. When traditional wheel locks are not enough, the Grabber wheelchair stabilizer securely holds the wheelchair in place. This product has allowed individuals who were otherwise unable to transfer independently to do just that! Transfers in and out of bed, in the bathroom, a sofa or chair, a car, van, or boat.

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